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Adventure First is a niche market company that designs and produces unique products that will go the distance.
It started with my 3 year trip from Alaska to Ushuaia over 3 years and 120,000 km in total. Many products I used simply did not last or did not do the job intended.
The business will start with some heavy duty rotomolded plastic panniers and gradually add more unique products as time allows.
I've always been an avid Motorcycle rider doing long distance trips both on and offroad over short periods of time away from my business
In late 2013, after 24 years of self employment I sold up my business and along with my long suffering partner we left Australia. First stop was the US and we started what was going to be a 2 year trip riding USA, Canada and Alaska.
The 2 years rapidly came to and end but my journey was not yet complete. I decided to continue south through Central and South America adding some 20 extra countries to the list travelled.
It was during this time while in Grutas Tolantongo, Mexico having a few days rest that I thought about manufacturing some tough products that would go the distance. Lot's of travel items failed, most were only built for short term travel and not the extended punishment I was subjecting them to.
Many of these items were ultra expensive and supposedly the best available.
So while sitting in the shade I got to making a list, a big list of broken items.
I am going to pick off 1 item at a time. The first being Motorcycle panniers (Luggage boxes attached either side of a Motorcycle). These were crazy expensive and for the most part very fragile.
Fast forward 2.5 years and my own design of panniers is ready to be released to the market.
"Well, for the last month I have been a (potential) crash test for these panniers.

They have been on 600km dirt/tar day rides, highway trips, and used for everyday use such as carrying shopping 25kms home. The good news, I didn't crash test them or have my bike fall over off the side stand, so I can't say they are indestructible. Being a hard pannier (Tusk) type person I really liked them.

The work-in-progress universal mounting system is amazingly simple but very effective and captures the pannier so there is virtually no chance of it ever falling off. I really liked the locking idea to secure the pannier to the mount, and the lid locks can hinge forwards or backwards for loading or unloading. I'll admit to not 'homing' the latch properly sometimes and riding off, but still never had the latch undo or lose the pannier lid.

These are only prototype 30 litre panniers but still carried most of my excessive toolkit for the long rides. I haven't had any rain for last month so no water leaks evident, and no dust entered the panniers due to the 20mm high lip and quality seal used on the lid, so should be waterproof.

The panniers didn't rattle or make any noises with their mounting brackets. There is a cutaway on the lower leading edge to reduce the chances of leg entrapment if paddling in soft conditions.

I know many of the serious dirt riders will only use 'soft' panniers in case they fall over, but seriously, many riders are packing their heavier items down low in soft panniers, and filling them too full, which virtually makes them a firm to hard pannier anyway if they fall over.

Adventure First have more changes planned for the next prototype. I am happy to have had a chance to use the product, and to show it to various adventure and road riders around northern NSW for comment. I have not covered every little detail involved with the panniers (like being able to use 50mm wide straps to secure items on the lids) and their construction." - Mac Eggins