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Loobman Manual Chain Oiler
Loobman Manual Chain Oiler
Loobman Manual Chain Oiler
Loobman Manual Chain Oiler

Loobman Manual Chain Oiler

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The first and still the best affordable chain oiler

  • Features;
  • Manually controlled, gravity fed, push button chainoiler
  • Foolproof simplicity.
  • Ten second operation will lube your chain anytime during a journey.
  • No connections to engine, carbs or wiring no, need to turn it on or off.
  • Fits any motorcycle, any size, Monkey to Monster.
  • Highly efficient dual sided oil delivery feeds o-rings on both sides of your chain


Loobman is a simple but very effective 'dosing' system. You simply hold down the button for about ten or twenty seconds to allow about 1 to 2ml of oil to run out of the bottle into the delivery feed tube and that's it, job done!
So then you just ride off.
Incoming oil at the top of the tube simultaneously displaces an equal amount of oil at the bottom into the delivery system down at the swinging arm.
Oil flow into the feed tube will stop immediately when you release the button, but as you ride the displaced oil continues to run through the catch tube into the special dual feed DSD head and onto the two sides of the sprocket.
The rotating sprocket throws that oil out onto both sides of your chain.
The actual amount of oil involved is only about 1 to 2 ml, and when it runs out... That's it! A nice wet chain and no more oil flow. Simple as that!
Next question is usually 'So do I have to keep pressing the button to keep my chain oiled'? And the answer is, surprisingly, no you dont!
Once the chain is oiled it will remain oiled for a surprisingly long time but if you continually apply oil to your chain, most of it will probably end up on your back wheel and that's not such a good idea.
If you're still not convinced, try this; Apply 10-40 engine oil to your chain from a squirt can or with a brush, then go out for a nice long spin to see for yourself how well it lasts. If you have not used oil before, you may well be surprised.
Now bear in mind that, with the Loobman chainoiler fitted, the next application of oil will only take you a few seconds. So you could be doing it at the next traffic lights!